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The Hard Drive puncher makes sure your hard drive is completely unusable by literally punching a hole into its center. The hard drive shredders offer powerful cutting heads that transform hard drives, as well as other assorted types of material, into microscopic pieces. Whatever the case, this selection of crushers, punchers and destroyers are ...

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Download the Model 0101 Hard Drive Crusher Product Sheet / See the Model 0101 Hard Drive Crusher in action. NSA Approved MediaVise Compact Hard Drive Crusher. 132 lbs., 16" x 22.5" x 9.75" (H x L x W) 40,000 pound force (20 tons) hydraulic crusher is unmatched in any desktop crusher.

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Hard Disk Destruction You've got sensitive information on a hard disk that requires decommissioning. Every day you hear more about identity theft, security compliance, and cyber criminals trying to obtain your private information. If you throw the disk in the dumpster, who knows what might happen to all those credit card and social security ...

eDR Solutions - Hard Disk Destruction

Kerucut Crusher 500 Jam Ton PCX 800 400 batu halus crusher paluMineral Separator dari Produsen dan Pemasok,mesin menggali batu kapur harga America Crusher mesin ... Medium Hard Rock …

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The EcoShred Hard Drive Crusher which is easily capable of bending up to 300 Drives per hour by just one person is constructed of heavy duty thick steel, professionally welded and designed to last a lifetime under normal use and occasional grease lubrication. The Hard Drive Disk Crusher has an adjustable non-jamming plunger to accommodate both ...

eDR Solutions - Hard Disk Destruction

In January 2003, researchers at MIT bought 158 used, random disk drives from an online store and found that 60% of them had data still in tact. Additionally, these same researchers found 5,000 credit card numbers on these disks.

eDR Solutions - Hard Disk Destruction

eDR Solutions - eDR HDC Hard Drive Crushers #EDRHDC. New disks have such strong shielding that the magnetic oersteds (Oe) used to destroy the data can only achieve a high enough field intensity to destroy the... Read more. Hard Drive Destroyers - ProSource Packaging, Inc.

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With the Hard Disk Crusher you can crush over 200 disks an hour. It drills through the hard disk's spindles and physically creates ripples in the platters making it impossible to recover the data. One customer informs us that they destroyed over 9000 drives in a month, and another customer destroyed over 800 drives in day.

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Oct 12, 2017· Hard disk Crushers Datastroyer ACD Automatic Crushing Device, HDD Hard disk drive Crusher,degaussing services singapore,hard disk destruction SEM Model 0101 Sledgehammer Hard Drive Crusher This hard drive "crusher" destroys all hard drives regardless of their size, format or type up to 1.85″ High including desktop, laptop and server drives.

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Send us your old, decomissioned drives (minimum of 10 drives) and we'll destroy them for you using the Hard Disk Crusher for $60 for every 10 drives ($6/drive). This option works best for those who have approximately 50 or less drives to be destroyed. The process is simple: We recommend you format your drives before shipping.

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